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The artisan bakery … pure sourdough fermentation and production … passionately produced and hand delivered to your doorstep.

a little jar of great magic… our journey started with one share of sourdough starter. The jar of our grandmother ‘Oma Martha’ straight from the heart in the ‘Sauerland’ between the saddles of this green foresty part of Germany, it was a family happening and traditional style baking event. The love for sourdough bread. Especially the feeling we got from slicing a freshly baked loaf, the joy of taking the first delicious bite is now carried forward to the heart of Muizenberg and has since bloomed tremendously in our little castle between the shores of False Bay and Zandvlei nature reserve.

‘sourdough bread loafs’
Here at the Muizenberglovestories, we believe the perfect sourdough bread is only perfect when it`s loved, we commit to sticking to the true tradition of baking. We believe in the magic that our little jar creates.

‘crispy crunching sourdough crackers’
We`ve expanded our knowledge for many years becoming the keeper of the magic jar and learning to pull out new tricks out of our sleeves. What has once been feeding our family has grown into serving our clients and developing new sourdough produce.

‘sourdough starter culture’
It´s fresh, it’s alive, we only use real ingredients. Simply… delicious and the way to go! Start your own Bread tradition.

‘sourdough baking seminar’
Some of you have already joined our sessions – Online or LIVE. We have gone through various stages of lockdown and waves of a global pandemic, we kept being busy by being creative. Take some time to get in touch, get involved … or just enjoy observing what we come up and follow us @muizenberglovestories

‘juicy sourdough pizza’
every afternoon
3 PM to 4 PM 

‘cheese and charcuttery platters’
Get our products freshly delivered straight to your doorstep or find out who stocks them for more …

‘LOVE delivered to your doorstep’
Get our products freshly delivered straight to your doorstep or find out who stocks them for more info … click below.

… follow and grow with us

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