ADMIRALS RESIDENCE program | We are collaborating on different platforms with International and local artists

The Admirals Residency Program is a collaborative artist in residence program in Muizenberg aiming to provide infrastructure, stepping stones and important landmarks for artists looking for a synergetic artist community network. We are collaborating on different platforms with International and local artists eager to use our co-living environment as a career opportunity to either establish or grow their skill towards a thriving network and a strong career in art.

What we offer during the program…

The artist in residence program | hosts a maximum of 4 resident artist simultaneously for whom accommodation and food is provided. The artist Dinner | is a 5 course menu at our “The single table restaurant’ which gives a featured guest artist or speaker the opportunity to engage closely with key audiences. And finally the’ARTbeat Studio | Exhibitions, Performances, Open Mic, Readings, Talks, Events, rehearsals and pop up location to showcase ideas and art.

… Who is the program for

We invite artists and individuals with artistic mindsets to apply for fully or partially funded residency as long as they share our belief in the practice of collaboration and co-working on projects that will empower art.

Welcome to ‘villa sundowner’ as the former Admiral called his residence.

The sun sets behind the saddles of mountains stretching from Cape Point via Muizenberg peak towards table mountain. Visitors and residents get inspired sitting in the garden whilst seeing the face of the mountain shift colour. Reside where the wetlands meet the mouth of Zandvlei and the dunes lead to the shores. Gently rolling swells collide on the banks on perfectly calm days along the northern rim of false bay. Fierceful south east winds blast the flats rising to the north and north westerly storms invade across the same rocky faces where you see the rose sun set on the peacefull days. 

The residence is a source of inspiration for aspiring artists today. The beautifully designed cape dutch building provides massive opportunity and chances to face and collaborate on artistic challenges.

All projects are run by the #Muizenberglovestories team today. We host the program called the ‘Admirals Artist Residence’, prepare breakfast and dinner. This enables all participating artists to set their focus entirely on their work practice and showcase their art.

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