Displacement and Conviviality – Concepts of living together and apart

This event brings together artists, scientists, and other actors from civil society to discuss and envision existing and new forms of conviviality in times of displacement. 

On the 25th February 2023 Admirals Artist Residence is hosting an Artist Dinner spotlighting the ins and outs of Displacement and Conviviality. Our featured guest for the evening is Prof. Dr. Peter Dannenberg who will dine with and moderate the event discussion with you.

How we Shape new images

We aim to talk about experiences and concepts of how people can live together or are separated from each other. While displacement is sometimes just neutrally understood as a movement or shifting space, it is usually associated with repression and compulsion. Conviviality on the other side does not only mean living together, but also means living together gregariously and solidary. Displacement can destroy conviviality, but also create new forms of conviviality. In this event, we want to talk about our experiences of different forms of displacement and conviviality and possible expressions in art, science, and daily life (e.g. practices of sharing or daily routines).

When to be ready

The event starts at 18:30. Peter will start off the evening by providing personal insight into recent debates and spark your imagination to grow into a fruitful debate at the table and throughout the evening.

What will happen

We will be having a dinner program served at our Single Table Restaurant. You will enjoy an afternoon on our premises and reshape ideas on Conviviality whilst diving into what we seek to harvest here at the admirals Residency.

How to reserve your spot at the table…

Book now: Via confirmed seat at the table through email or instagram message.

The event is donation-based and aiming towards the work of the residence program to spotlight up-and-coming artists. 

Since there are only a few seats left, we won’t be able to guarantee your spot. 
We hope you’ve got yours secured already. 
We look forward to welcoming you at our residence…

and sharing this experience with you.

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