The Admirals Residence in Muizenberg is sharing in a new first thursdays event. To further enrich the artistic mindset throughout the cape peninsula. We have decided to start the habit of hosting a life drawing sessions every First Thursday of the month. 

Expect a meet & greet with drinks and snacks alongside drawing

Expect a meet&greet at 17:00 with drinks before the drawing and the poses start at 18:00 during a half hour break after a first one and a half hour session they’re will be some snacks to energize and reconnect with your creativity. After the second 90 minutes it’s time to relax at 21:30 with a sweet surprise for you all. Now there’s time to have a chat with a drink and looking at works from whoever seeking feedback from fellow artist.

fostering a more dynamic and emotionally resonant artistic practice

Working with a life model as an artist offers unparalleled value in capturing the essence of the human form. Through direct observation, artists gain a deeper understanding of anatomy, proportions, and movement, resulting in artwork imbued with realism and authenticity. Dynamic poses and expressions, facilitated by live models, encourage experimentation and exploration, fostering a more dynamic and emotionally resonant artistic practice. Furthermore, the interaction cultivates keen observational skills, enhances problem-solving abilities, and nurtures a personal style development rooted in empathy and connection with the subject, ultimately boosting artistic confidence and yielding nuanced, compelling artwork.

Together artists can push boundaries and challenge assumptions

Collaborating with other artists in life drawing sessions amplifies these benefits. Sharing perspectives, techniques, and insights enriches the creative process, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to growth and inspiration. Additionally, working alongside peers fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, providing opportunities for constructive feedback, mutual support, and artistic exchange. Together, artists can push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and elevate their craft, creating a dynamic synergy that enriches both individual artistic practices and collective artistic endeavors.

How to reserve your spot at the event…

Book now: We will confirm a spot for you on the evening after your request via email. You’ll secure your place with your donation after we have confirmed availability.

The event is donation-based (minimum donation to secure your booking is 15 EUR or 300 ZAR) and aiming towards the work of the “ADMIRAL RESIDENCE” program to spotlight up-and-coming artists. You are welcome to donate via the donate button below in case you’re unable to join this event.

Since there are only a limited number of seats available, please make sure to secure your seat in time.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our venue … to share this experience with you.

See you at: ADMIRALS RESIDENCE, 64 Windermere Rd, 7945 Muizenberg.

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  • What an amazing space, and so lovely to connect with other fabulous artists. The event was fantastic, and it was lovely to draw a great model, in a relaxed yet professionally hosted environment. The snacks and wine were delicious too. I will be back!


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