Lena Hugo 24.06. – 15.08.2024 … “the concept of  immersing and emerging”

“My work consist of detailed, in depth studies of people that reach beyond realism to explore the character of the person underneath the skin, and make them seem alive. I prefer to portray people who are often overlooked or taken for granted and present them as persons with value and importance.” , Lena Hugo.

Hugo seeks to create art exploring the concept of immersing and emerging within the contemporary figure and environment. Throughout her stay she will be reacting to the Displacement title of our prior residency exhibition title. Her personal work involves the depiction of individuals going through physical or emotional displacement, and how it affects their identity and sense of belonging. With her arrival on the 24th of June until her departure on the 15th of august we invite you to follow her work process in form of private studio visits, several events and her final exhibition.

a thought-provoking body of work that highlights different perspectives on the human figure…

Founding artist Gerrit Handl at the Admirals Residency will curate and collaborate on the residency and show of Lena Hugo. He has also worked with the prior residents Athenkosi Kwinana, Sharon Peters, and Lwando Hlazo, on the ‘displacement’* exhibition. The theme of displacement, conviviality and how to reshape new images and models of interferences links these projects together. This collaboration allows for another deeper level of exploration on the concept and are excited to  Immerse into the next thought-provoking body of work that highlights different perspectives on the theme.

foster a dialogue about individual and possible new life models

Artists participating in our residency program in Muizenberg can enhance their artistic exploration by organizing a public exhibition and a series of events throughout their grant period to showcase their artwork and individual work process. With ongoing studio visits as well as a private function in the form of an artist dinner catering for patrons and other important players of civil society. The final exhibition allows the local community and art enthusiasts to engage into a very personal experience with the artist and their newly created work. This exchange fosters a vivid dialogue about individual life models and fresh images for convivial and synergetic effects which we aim to enhance and assign significance in contemporary society.

We will be having a 5 course dinner program served at our Single Table Restaurant. You will enjoy an afternoon leading into the evening on our premises along a blend of insight on rediscovering ideas whilst diving into – what we seek to harvest here at the Admirals Residence.

How to participate and RSVP your position in this thought provoking journey…

Express your interest: via a quick message including your contact details and we will inform you on the upcoming events. You may use instagram direct message or the link below.

The events are donation-based and aiming towards the work of the “ADMIRAL RESIDENCE” program to spotlight up-and-coming artists. You are welcome to donate via the link below or at the event.

See Lena Hugo on her residency events and at her opening:
ADMIRALS RESIDENCE, 64 Windermere Rd, 7945 Muizenberg.

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