Systemic Synergy Supper – building creative bridges over dinner

Are you seeking to design efficient models and structures to cope contemporary life strategies? Once again we aim to bring together artists, scientists, and other actors from civil society to discuss and envision exciting perspectives. 

On Saturday the 28th October of 2023 the Admirals Residence is hosting yet another Artist Dinner spotlighting: Paul Hänchen, he will be introducing us to the evenings topic,  Paul is a distinguished Systemic Coach and Mind Trainer focusing on Personal Development, who is also a trailblazing Industry Strategist in the world of Digital Factory Environments. His educational background in industrial engineering and production planning sets the stage for his remarkable journey.

encouraging fresh ideas and innovative thinking

Going beyond traditional networking dinners by offering a unique blend of insight we are aiming to launch thought-provoking discussions with our ‘Systemic Synergy Supper’.
Discover the power of systemic coaching from our expert speaker while enjoying a delightful dinner event.
Engage in conversations that challenge your perspectives, encouraging fresh ideas and innovative thinking.

When to be ready

The event starts at 17:00. Paul will start off the evening by providing personal insight into systemic coaching techniques and spark your imagination to grow into fruitful debates at the table and throughout the evening.

What will happen

We will be having a 5 course dinner program served at our Single Table Restaurant. You will enjoy an afternoon leading into the evening on our premises along a blend of insight on rediscovering ideas whilst diving into – what we seek to harvest here at the Admirals Residence.

How to reserve your spot at the table…

Book now: RSVP via a quick message including your contact details and any dietary restrictions. Please use  instagram direct message or the link below. So we can confirm a spot for you on the evening.

The event is donation-based and aiming towards the work of the “ADMIRAL RESIDENCE” program to spotlight up-and-coming artists. You are welcome to donate via the link below or at the event.

Since there are only a limited number of seats available, please make sure to secure your seat in time.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our table… to share this experience with you.

See you at: ADMIRALS RESIDENCE, 64 Windermere Rd, 7945 Muizenberg.

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